Collective Healing Empowers Youth 

Minor Disturbance is an independent literary arts organization dedicated to helping Colorado youth find voice through the mediums of poetry and performance.  It is our belief that every person's story is important regardless of: age, race, zip code, disability, religion, socioeconomic status, gender and sexuality.  By youth for youth, our ethos of mentorship and leadership is: young people create the most equitable space to affirm their expressed agencies and achieve sustainable community growth. The longevity of our organization is simple: youth construct relevant curriculum to facilitate self awareness that leads to individual, collective, and/or social change. By learning to understand each other through our individual stories we can help to cultivate collective futures in the classroom and beyond.


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We offer: writing and performance workshops, professional development courses, in school performances, Q&A’s, panel discussions and long term on site mentorship. In general, we are very flexible and can adapt our curriculum to fit the needs of your students and classrooms.  

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Our Impact

Minor Disturbance has been an active part of the Queen City artscape since 2006. Since then, we have taught in over 50 schools in Colorado, competed in regional and international slam competitions, and continue to cultivate and nurture the honest creative work of Denver's youth. 




Members of Minor Disturbance and competing teams have touched stages in New Mexico, Colorado, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Hawaii, etc. 



years As an organization 

Minor Disturbance was founded in 2006 by Ken Arkind and has since expanded to partnerships with other local collectives, emcee coaching and in school mentorship. 



Primary age range

Minor Disturbance mainly works with youth ages 13-19, though our programming in schools extends beyond this range. 


Our Programs

Minor Disturbance (MD) Curriculum is intentionally crafted to immerse students in our four core subjects: information processing, personal, social, and behavioral. We use a range of methods, steaming from Participatory Action Research methodology and oral tradition, in which participants of MD programming will; become more self aware, can articulate--in a variety  of mediums--self awareness, and affirm the agencies of themselves and their collectives for sustainable social change and collective healing. Our curriculum moves through themes of: reclamation, personal and artistic accountability, oral history, and expansion of expression. Colorado youth will have access to alternative creative writing resources and practices. 



  • reclamation
  • collective healing 
  • social awareness
  • affirmation of collectives and collectively expressed agencies
  • collective and artistic accountability
  • oral history


  • interpersonal boundaries 
  • personal and artistic accountability 
  • affirmation of expressed aggencies
  • reclamation
  • oral history 
  • individual change


  • interpersonal boundaries
  • personal, artistic, and collective accountability
  • self awareness
  • affirmation of collectives and collectively expressed agencies
  • reclamation
  • collective healing

Information processing

  • expansion of expression 
  • oral history 
  • reclamation
  • creative writing practices 
  • sustainalbe social and collective change 
  • self awareness 
Ashia Ajani + Abby Freisen-Johnson Final Stage at Brave New Voices-Philly 2015   

Ashia Ajani + Abby Freisen-Johnson Final Stage at Brave New Voices-Philly 2015



Get Involved

Minor Disturbance is always in need of youth with something to say, facilitators, emcees, community organizers, and volunteers in general. If you would like to get involved in any of our programming follow the links below or email us at minordisturbance303@gmail.com. 


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Check out our latest flyers and current programming to see where your next opportunity to touch stage is!

Volunteer + Facilitator opportunities

Our DPS Slam is coming up in April, sign up here to volunteer your time to make our youth summit go smoothly! If  you would like to facilitate a workshop, follow the link below as well. 

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We provide free workshops to youth ages 12-24 throughout Colorado and bring youth to regional competitions to expand their craft, feed the youth!