Minor Disturbance (MD) Curriculum is intentionally crafted to immerse students in our four core subjects: information processing, personal, social, and behavioral. We use a range of methods, steaming from Participatory Action Research methodology and oral tradition, in which participants of MD programming will; become more self aware, can articulate--in a variety  of mediums--self awareness, and affirm the agencies of themselves and their collectives for sustainable social change and collective healing. Our curriculum moves through themes of: reclamation, personal and artistic accountability, oral history, and expansion of expression. Colorado youth will have access to alternative creative writing resources and practices. 


Workshops/ Series 

Minor Disturbance Culture Keepers are local artists who facilitate relevant workshops and series that meet MD curriculum standards. Invite a Culture Keeper to teach a workshop or series in your classroom or youth space.

Performances and More

Participants of MD programming are equipped with the necessary creative devices to express their craft outside of the classroom and slam stage. Book a MD alum for your next feature, spotlight artist, MC, panelist, or Q&A. 



Minor Disturbance curriculum is accessible to all Colorado Youth. MD participants can benefit from mentorship both at thier schools and by attending existing MD programming. Sign up your youth for MD workshops, cyphers, and slams!