Our Partners


Youth on record


Youth on Record empowers Colorado’s underserved youth to achieve their academic, artistic, and personal best by employing local, professional artists as their educators.


Youth speaks


Through the intersection of arts education and youth development practices, civic engagement strategies, and high quality artistic presentation, Youth Speaks creates safe spaces that challenge young people to find, develop, publicly present, and apply their voices as creators of societal change.


Slam nuba 


Slam Nuba is a nationally recognized award winning organization that focuses on literacy, mentorship, and competitive performance based poetry. The mission of Slam Nuba is to promote the creation and performance of poetry, by cultivating literary activities and engaging community through the power of the written and spoken word.


urban word


Urban Word NYC champions the voices of New York City youth
by providing platforms for critical literacy, youth development
and leadership through free and uncensored writing, college
preparation and performance opportunities.



Lighthouse writers workshop


Lighthouse Writers Workshop is the largest literary arts center in the Rocky Mountain West. For more than 20 years, we’ve provided quality instruction, community events, and artistic support for writers and readers of all levels, ages, and backgrounds.


Su teatr0


Su Teatro’s mission is to promote, produce, develop and preserve the cultural arts, heritage, and traditions of the Chicano/Latino community; to advance mutual respect for other cultures; and to establish avenues where all cultures may come together.


Prodigy coffeehouse


Welcome to Prodigy, where craft meets character. Here, we speak the common language of ‘you could not be one bit more perfect.' Your new favorite baristas are apprentices pursuing mastery of life, self, and craft.


mercury cafe 


The Mercury Cafe is powered by the Wind and the Sun. We serve Local, Organic Food, and Community is our purpose.

We are a three ring circus with Music, Dance, Theater & Poetry. In the Rose Dining Room you can expect quiet beautiful Jazz & Classical Musicians. In the Jungle Dining Room you will find song with Jazz, Concerts, Community Theater, Flamenco, Opera, Poetry, Films, and later in the evening, up and coming Indi music Bands. In the Dancehall expect concerts, Swing, Salsa, Tango, Blues and Samba and Dance Classes, BirthdayParties, Weddings, Receptions & other Special Events.